Friday, October 21, 2011

Andha Yug-- The Dark Age

The sun slowly slowly went down on to the horizon behind the sky-crappers driving past CP market, popularly known as the Rajiv Chowk in the post liberalized India. The evening chill was flowing down on one's self like a the melting Chocolate Smoothy. There you find your self through a long queue of art ...sorry spectacle enthusiasts, ...mind you you are right beside Kotla Firoz Shah Stadium, where the roar of Dhoni and the wounds of Brit caption is still fresh..infact it was just yesterday.well so we were at Spectacle enthusiast...ahem...!!
walking past the queue you just enter and find yourself amidst the sentinels of history..the Massive ruins of Kotla Firoz Shah... giving you a sense of you being a part of this legacy of  understanding how delhi as a capital as a nerve center of action for a whole community , kngdom, nation..etc...what Delhi is now, what it was? i a fraction of seconds you envisages everything right from the birth of civilization till the end of it.... you become that sakhshi bhava,  which otherwise even you long to become and understand but repeatedly you fail and know you will once again fails while it deliberately try it the next time....

so you become one with the ruins, which is specially-strategically lit up to highlight those sections of history.... the ravaged, torn, devasted contours of the wall. it is lit up in these sections to specificaally highlight how civiclizations, ideas go on to their pinnacle and reminds you of Marx' famous declaration of Mors Immortalis.

you live though that experience and with a consciousness of ever changing change and imminent fall, you enter the The DARK AGE with awe and wait in silence, watching helpless all around you at the spectacle hungry lot. they all are but you, to some extent or other. they all are your aspirations to some extent or other...a balmy piece of ethnic Indian music numbs your sense and perspiration that came out of this realization

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